Madam Chuckle
Madam Chuckle
Physical description
Gender: Female
Species: Cat
Color: Slate Blue
Building: Tee-Hee Tea Shop
Street: Silly Street
Area: Toontown Central
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Madam Chuckle is an NPC cat and a shopkeeper toon who owns Tee-Hee Tea Shop on Silly Street, Toontown Central.

SOS toon

Madam Chuckle is also an SOS toon. She is a 3-star Toon-Up SOS. She uses Juggling Balls to heal all toons, including the user, in battle.

As with all all-toon Toon-Up gags, the Toon-Up she uses will be divided evenly to all toons currently in battle.

  1. 45 laff points to one toon
  2. 23 laff points to two toons
  3. 15 laff points to three toons
  4. 11 laff points to four toons
Sos 07

Madame Chuckle's SOS card (Japanese)

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