Julius Wheezer
Julius Wheezer
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Mouse
Color: Blue
Building: Etude, Brute? Shakespearian Theatre Company
Street: Baritone Boulevard
Area: Minnie's Melodyland
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Julius Wheezer is a toon NPC mouse and a shopkeeper toon who owns Etude, Brute? Shakespearian Theatre Company, on Baritone Boulevard, Minnie's Melodyland.

SOS toon

Julius Wheezer is also an SOS toon. He is a 4-star SOS Cogs Miss. When called upon, he will use his Pixie Dust on all cogs, making them inevitably laugh and miss for the current round.

Cog Miss


  • His name is a parody of Julius Caesar, a great Roman dictator and general of the Roman Legion.
Sos 03

Julius Wheezer's SOS card (Japanese)