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Juggling Balls
Level 6 Toon-Up Gag
Juggling Balls
General information
Minimum Laff Heal: 90
Maximum Laff Heal: 120
Accuracy: Medium
Organic boost: 132 Laff Heal
Targets: All Toons
Minimum carry capacity: 3
Maximum carry capacity: 3
Experience points needed for next gag: 10,000
Preceded by:
Pixie Dust
Succeeded by:
High Dive
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Juggling Balls (also referred to as Juggling Cubes on the trading card) is the level 6 Toon-Up gag. It succeeds the Pixie Dust but precedes the High Dive.


The Juggling Balls can be obtained by earning a total of "6,000" Toon-Up skill points. As with all Toon-Up gags, the Juggling Balls has medium accuracy.

The Juggling Balls targets all toons, excluding the user. The minimum heal is "90" laff points to one toon, "45" to two toons, and "30" to three toons. The maximum heal is "120" to one toon, "60" to two toons, and "40" to three toons. Furthermore, if grown on a tree and is organic, the healing is increased, totaling to "132" if maxed.

In the event that the Juggling Balls miss, it will still restore between "18" and "26" laff points depending on its skill points and organic status, and the laff is distributed amongst the other toons. This will result in a restoration of "18" to "26" laff points for one toon, "9" to "13" laff points for two toons, and "6" to "9" laff points for three toons.

The maximum carry capacity is three.

Skill points

Previous level Next level
6000 10000

In equation form: \frac{X - Y}{(M - O)}

  • X represents the skill points for the next gag
  • Y represents the starting point of this gag
  • M represents the maximum laff heal
  • O represents the original starting point

To determine the next increase in laff heal for Juggling Balls, take the number of skill points required to obtain the next gag and divide it by the number of increase (the maximum laff heal - the original laff heal). You should therefore get an estimate.

The Juggling Balls equation:


For every 129 skill points, the Juggling Balls' healing attributes increase.

Laff heal Skill points Laff heal Skill points
90 6,000 106 8,064
91 6,129 107 8,193
92 6,258 108 8,322
93 6,387 109 8,451
94 6,516 110 8,580
95 6,645 111 8,709
96 6,774 112 8,838
97 6,903 113 8,967
98 7,032 114 9,096
99 7,161 115 9,225
100 7,290 116 9,354
101 7,419 117 9,483
102 7,548 118 9,612
103 7,677 119 9,741
104 7,806 120 9,870
105 7,935


  1. The toon takes out three colored cubes.
  2. The toon starts juggling them, just as seen in a circus.
  3. Every other toon in the battle is healed.
  4. The toon goes back to his or her original spot.

Trading card

You'll have your hands full with these juggling jewels! Even jealous jerks become jolly juggling jesters with Jeff & Jesse's Jocular Juggling Balls! Filled with Mexican Juggling Beans, they're easy to pick up and hard to put down. Remember, juggling is catching, so Toon-up today with Jeff & Jesse's Jocular Juggling Balls - always good to the last drop!


  • The Toon-Up Vice President SOS toons use Juggling Balls.
  • The Juggling Balls animation is depicted in the Toon-Up gag track training process.
  • The trading card depicts it being called the "Juggling Cubes".
  • The reason the Toon's foot goes up when using this gag is because the person in charge of the animation used Jesse Schell (original creator of toontown) as a model for this gag. Jesse juggles very similar to how the toon does. [1]



  1. Some other fun things I slipped in over the years... - The animator who did the toon juggling animation used me as a model -- there's this thing I do with my foot when I juggle that shows up in the animation. MMO Centeral Forums

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