Jessica's Shirt
Jessica's Shirt
Normal cost: 200 jellybeans
Back order: 240 jellybeans
Giftable: Yes
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Jessica's Shirt is a shirt that can be purchased via Clarabelle's Cattlelog at the toon estate for 200 jellybeans. It was originally drawn on paper by a girl named Jessica, who won a T-Shirt design contest in 2004.

Trading card

Great moments
Clarabelle says: "Ooooh! The first Toontown T-Shirt Contest was a sartorial success. Everyone was simply tee-ming with tee-riffic ideas! Out of hundreds of Toontastic designs, three were toony enough to make it into the Cattlelog - Marissa B.'s 'Paws That Refreshes', Matthew C.'s 'Angler's Delight', and Jessica G.'s 'Fish-Tank Top'. Look for these fabulous creations in my Cattlelog."


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