The Jellybean Bank

A jellybean bank is where a toon's extra jellybeans are stored. When a toon fills their jellybean jar, the jellybeans that are earned afterward go to their jellybean bank. The bank can hold up to 12,000 jellybeans. Once the maximum amount is reached for both the jellybean jar and bank, no more jellybeans can be held and they must be spent to make room. According to the Player's Guide, "Jellybeans exceeding the limit are donated to the 'Toons of the World Unite Foundation' Charity".



A toon holding a jellybean jar next to the jellybean bank.

  • On the test server, toons cannot use a jellybean bank. It acts like a normal furniture item.
  • Toons used to start out with a jellybean bank that could only hold 1,000 jellybeans. They had to purchase bigger banks from Clarabelle's Cattlelog. Later, as a reward for defeating the VP in Operation: Storm Sellbot, all toons were given the current 12,000 jellybean bank.