Ice Cream Cone treasure

An Ice Cream Cone in the Toontown Central playground.

The Ice Cream Cone is a type of treasure that can be found in the Toontown Central playground, toon estates, Toon Tag, and the CFO battle.

In the CFO battle, Ice Cream Cones are released by small yellow helmet goons when they are disabled.

During ValenToon's Day, the laff points received are doubled.

Laff Points Healed

  • Toontown Central - 3
  • Toon Estates - 2
  • CFO Battle - 2-10
  • Toon Tag - 2 jellybeans


Toontown Central Map

Ice Cream Cones location

There are a total of 21 locations where Ice Cream cones can be collected.


Left Ear

(Taken from the shape of the playground)

  • In a corner near the Toon Hall
  • 2 behind the Bank
  • Near the Goofy Speedway tunnel
  • Behind the tree

Right Ear

(Taken from the shape of the playground)

  • In the middle of 3 trees (near the Library and Toon Hall)
  • Between Toontown Schoolhouse and the Party Gate (not shown on map)
  • Near the Silly Street tunnel
  • In front of the tree near the Silly Street tunnel

Central Area


  • This is one of the two only treasures that is a food, the other being acorns.
  • Ice cream cones are the only treasures that appear in three different places.
  • When this treasure appears in Toon Tag, the laff points of the toon will not increase.
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