Not to be confused with the Wholly Mackerel! Fish Market building in Donald's Dock.
Holey Mackerel
Holey Mackerel2
Varieties: 1 Fish Variety
Lightest Weight: 6 lbs
Heaviest Weight: 10 lbs
General locations
Toon Estates
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The Holey Mackerel is a rare fish species. They are most commonly caught at the toon's estate, though oftentimes, they can be caught elsewhere.

It has no family, meaning there is only one variety of these fish.

Places to Catch

  • Holey Mackerel - 6-10 lbs - Extremely Rare - Toon Estates.

Trading card

Hoelt Mac
Here's a fish with it's own kind of portable holes - he feels right at home in Toontown! It's a good thing this fish has nothing to hide - you can see right through him! A healthy diet of swiss cheese, and swiss cheese jellybeans, keeps the Holey Mackerel well ventilated. What a way to lose weight!


  • The name is derived from the mariner's term "holy mackerel."
  • There are several holes in the holey mackerel, hence the name.
  • There is only one hole in the holey mackerel on the trading card, but there are two holes along with several other partial holes in the holey mackerel in-game.
  • This fish shares the name with one of the MiniGolf holes: "Holey Mackerel!".

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish Caballa[1]
D German
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese


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