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Hilarious Hauntings Hit Toontown


Halloween is a holiday toons celebrate every October 31st (and earlier in the month). Playgrounds and streets will be decorated with pumpkins and lanterns. The trees will lose their leaves, resembling a wilted tree. The sky will be dark for every other hour all through Toontown.

Halloween-themed items become available, such as Vampire and Super Toon costumes, as well as speedchat phrases.

Three major events happen during Halloween: Bloodsucker mega cog invasions, Trick-or-Treating, and Black Cat Day.

Mega invasion

Bloodsucker mega invasion

Bloodsucker mega invasion

Main article: Mega cog invasionBloodsucker

Every late-October, a mega invasion of Bloodsuckers occurs in every district, excluding safe districts.


Shops all around Toontown will host as the trick-or-treating buildings, in which visiting the participating toon will give out 100 jellybeans to toons who say "Trick or Treat!" The phrase can be bought from Clarabelle's Cattlelog and will immediately become available once purchased.

Main article: Pumpkin head

As a reward for trick-or-treating in all the participating shops, the toon is given a temporary pumpkin head.

Black cat


Black Cat Day

Main article: Black cat

On Halloween, every cat created and entered the Toontorial will have the opportunity to have their color changed to black permanently by saying "Toontastic!"

Clarabelle's Cattlelog

Main article: Category:Halloween costumes

Clarabelle's Cattlelog updates to include Halloween-based items. Costumes and speedchat phrases become available during the month of October.

Bee Pirate Skeleton Spider Super Toon Toonosaur Turtle Vampire

NPC playground owners

During Halloween, non-playable playground owners dress in costumes and roam the playground greeting toons.

Image NPC Costume
Mickey halloween costume Mickey Mouse Vampire
Daisy Daisy Duck Pink skirt with spider, black shirt, and slippers
Minnie Halloween Minnie Mouse Wizard
Pluto Halloween Pluto Cowboy
DDL Donald halloween costume Donald Duck (Donald's Dreamland) FrankenDonald (Frankenstein)
Chip&Dale Halloween Chip and Dale Police and Criminal
Goofy halloween Goofy Super Goofy


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