Guest Limit

Guest Limit for the Toon-Up gag track

Guest Limit is a gag feature. This will show up when a free player reaches 1,999 skill points for Throw or Squirt, 19 for Toon-Up, or 39 for Sound. Upon reaching that amount of experience points in a gag track, the meter will change to "Guest Limit". The meter does not move up when the toon earns anymore gag experience.

After buying a membership, the guest limit will revert back to normal, and the toon may continue to earn experience points until the membership expires.

Prior to the update on the reward screen on July 11, 2013, the guest limit displayed how many points a toon has earned over the guest limit. With the change, any gag track that is used under guest limit will display "Over Guest Limit".


  • Prior to the update on May 11, 2011, the guest limit for every gag track can reach up to one point away towards the level five gag.

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