Green toon is a toon effect for St. Patrick's Day. Toons can only get this effect from March 14 to March 20. They can get this effect by saying the SpeedChat phrase "It's easy to be green!" to Eugene in Green Bean Jeans on Oak Street.

In 2011, there was a strange green goo in the shop from one of the Loony Labs inventions. In 2012, the Back Stabbers, who were invading Toontown, broke one of the pipes in the shop, and the green toon dye appeared again.


  • If a toon goes on the trolley, edits their house, or goes in a field office, it will be its normal color.
  • This is the only event that has happened that toon's gloves had been changed.
  • This is one of three holidays where toons can get an effect in appearance. The other holidays are Halloween and Winter holiday.
  • Non-members can also get this effect by visiting a member toon who is their friend in Toontown.


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