Get Connected was a Disney TV show and a feature of Disney's Toontown Online.

GC toons

Toons Get Connected

GC RockStarBR and GC Hanaroni

GC toons were introduced after field offices were released. They greeted players, helped low-laff toons with field offices, and congratulated others on how they defeated field offices.


For wiki

The Get_Connected shirt was a limited-time clothing item. It was created to advertise the "Get Connected" show. Toons had to type the code "Get_Connected" in their Shticker Book to receive the shirt in their mailbox.

The Get Connected Field Office shirt was given to promote the release of both the Get_Connected show and field offices. It was red with a field office on the back and a smashed, gold Sellbot logo on the front. It had yellow-red ties.


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