Easter eggs are deleted, hidden, or unused things in games that can be seen in some way.


After the Mole stomp in the Cog golf courses, toons can phase through a hedge before going into the maze. They can walk to the edge until toons can see the castle, a hallow walk-through shell. Toons are unable to enter the castle.

In the Bossbot Headquarters courtyard, if players do another glitch where they run and jump through part of the wall, they can walk until toons see the end of the castle and then walk through the hedge.


There are several advertisements scattered throughout Toontown, such as Ragtime Drycleaners' advertisement is found inside a Loopy Lane building.


The moon can be found under a toon's estate.

By the red house is a dam. Go in the river and place your toon's body halfway in the water; you will see an upside-down moon.


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