Dog Fish
Dog fish animation
Varieties: 5 Fish Varieties
Lightest Weight: 1 lbs
Heaviest Weight: 20 lbs
General locations
Donald's Dock
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The Dog Fish is a fish species, commonly found in Donald's Dock. They can be caught with the Twig Rod as some weigh no more than 5 pounds. The only exception is the Bull Dog Fish, weighing at 18-20 pounds, requiring the need of the Gold Rod. The Dog Fish family consists of 5 fish varieties:

  • Dog Fish
  • Bull Dog Fish
  • Hot Dog Fish
  • Dalmatian Dog Fish
  • Puppy Dog Fish

Places to Catch

  • Dog Fish - 7-8lbs - Extremely Common - Donald's Dock
  • Bull Dog Fish - 18-20lbs - Rare - Donald's Dock, Your Estate
  • Hot Dog Fish - 3-5lbs - Rare - Donald's Dock
  • Dalmatian Dog Fish - 3-5lbs - Common - Donald's Dock
  • Puppy Dog Fish - 1-3lbs - Very Common - Donald's Dock

Trading card

Dog Fish
The Dog Fish comes in many varieties. Common ones, such as the Bull Dog Fish and Hot Dog Fish can be found in Toontown, but rarer ones, such as the Goldfish Retriever, the Dock-sund, The French Puddle, and the Shark-pei have never been seen in these parts. Perhaps one day they will! In the meantime, the Dog Fish makes a great pet, however it often gets sand fleas, and it will wet the carpet!


  • The Bull Dog Fish is the only fish that requires a Gold Rod to be caught.
  • The trading card mentions other fish species that do not exist in the game.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish Tiburón gris[1]
D German
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese


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