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A Big Wig invasion

A cog invasion happens when the cogs take over a certain district. They were first released on March 20, 2003[1]. They can happen at any time in any district. It is an army of one type of cog going to work.


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  • On April 8, 2008, skelecogs invaded Toontown. Skelecogs cannot actually be summoned.
  • Cog invasions allow cogs of the wrong level or type to be in a certain street. Case and point, the highest level cog that can normally be found in Toontown Central is level three. However, in a Mr. Hollywood invasion level eight cogs can be found there.
  • When an invasion starts or ends, a message from the Toon HQ will pop up, making a "boing!" sound.
    • Previously, the sound when a message from Toon HQ pops up is a "psst" sound.
  • Mega cog invasions occur when there is an invasion of the same cog in every district except for safe zones.
  • Invasions do not affect cog facilities.
  • Skill points are doubled during an invasion.