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Cogs have a certain number of hit points (HP). Cog levels range from 1 to 12. Level 1 cogs having the least amount of HP, only 6, while level 12 cogs have the most HP, 200. Cogs go up four levels to reach their maximum.

The chart below shows how much HP each cog level has and what gag can destroy it at once. Some of the gags must be organic in order to defeat the cog as shown for the gag on Level 12 cogs. For a longer and more specific list of organic benefits, click here.

Level Health Points Gag that can destroy it at once
1 6 Cupcake (6 damage)
2 12 Banana Peel (12 damage)
3 20 Rake (20 damage)
4 30 Anvil (30 damage)
5 42 Big Weight (45 damage)
6 56 Safe (60 damage)
7 72 Organic Trap Door (77 damage)
8 90 Opera Singer (90 damage)
9 110 Organic Birthday Cake (110 damage)
10 132 Organic Wedding Cake (132 damage)
11 156 Grand Piano (170 damage)
12 200 Organic Railroad (214 damage)


This is the formula for a cog's resistance to gags, where X is the cog level.

{( x + 1 ) ( x + 2 )}

For a level 4 cog, its health is 5 * 6 or 30; for a Level 9 cog, its health is 10 * 11 or 110. By multiplying the next two higher numbers beyond the cog's level, their number can be found. Only level 12 cogs do not follow this formula.


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