Clown Fish
Clown fish animation
Varieties: 4 Fish Varieties
Lightest Weight: 2 lbs
Heaviest Weight: 8 lbs
General locations
Toontown Central and your estate.
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The Clown Fish are fish species commonly found in Toontown Central or the Toon's Estate. These fish can be caught with any Fishing Rod as they weigh no more than 8 pounds. The Clown Fish has a family of 4 fish varieties:

  • Clown Fish
  • Sad Clown Fish
  • Party Clown Fish
  • Circus Clown Fish


  • Clown Fish - 2-8 lbs - Very Common - Toontown Central and your estate
  • Sad Clown Fish - 2-8 lbs - Common - Toontown Central and your estate
  • Party Clown Fish - 2-8 lbs - Very Common - Toontown Central and your estate
  • Circus Clown Fish - 2-8 lbs - Rare - Toontown Central and Elm Street

Trading Card Information

Clown Fish
The Clown Fish (as seen in Cirque de Filet) is famous for his watery wisecracks. He used to tell salty jokes just for the halibut, but the halibut didn't laugh because he was floundering. Now he tells jokes for Toons in Toontown, and everyone says he's a real top bananafish.


  • The trading card depicts the Clown Fish as joyful and happy, while the Clown Fish from the game looks sad and depressed. There is even a type of Clown Fish species called Sad Clown Fish.
  • These fish are likely the first fish you'll catch (due to being very common) and will account for about half the fish you catch in Toontown Central.
  • These are some of the easiest fish to catch.
  • They appear in the Trolley Game, Treasure Dive.
  • Their trading card's description mentions the circus, Cirque Du Soleil.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish Pez payaso[1]
D German
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese


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