Clerk Ray
Clerkray clerk sos
Physical description
Gender: Male
Species: Rabbit
Color: Citrine
Building: Goofy's Gag Shop
Street: Playground
Area: Minnie's Melodyland
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Clerk Ray is an NPC toon who works in the Minnie's Melodyland gag shop in the Minnie's Melodyland playground. He works alongside Clerk Doe.

SOS Toon

Clerk Ray is also an SOS toon and will be able to call upon when rescued. His SOS is a 3-star restock Trap. He will restock Trap gags to all toons in battle.


  • Clerk Doe and Clerk Ray's names are a reference to the Do-Re-Mi music note scale.
Sos 03s

Clerk Ray's SOS card (Japanese)

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