Clerk Penny
Clerk penny
Physical description
Gender: Female
Species: Duck
Color: Citrine
Building: Goofy's Gag Shop
Street: Playground
Area: The Brrrgh
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Same name
This article is about The Brrrgh's gag shop clerk. For more uses of "Penny", see Penny.

Clerk Penny is an NPC duck and clerk at The Brrrgh gag shop in The Brrrgh playground. She works with Clerk Lenny.

SOS toon

Clerk Penny is also an SOS toon. She is a 4-star Trap SOS toon. When called upon, she will deploy Trapdoors in front of all cogs in battle. Her trapdoors damages the cogs with 70 health taken away.


Sos 12

Clerk Penny's SOS card (Japanese)

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