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Cashbot Mint
Coin Mint
Basic information
Type: Cashbots
Location: Cashbot Headquarters
Number of entrances: 3
Facilities: Coin Mint, Dollar Mint, Bullion Mint
Number of variations: 20 each
Cog information
Minimum cog level: 10
Maximum cog level: 12
Goons: Yes
Special cog(s): Skelecog
Cog boss: Mint supervisor
Laff requirement
Coin Mint: None
Dollar Mint: 66
Bullion Mint: 71
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The Cashbot Mints are cog facilities in Cashbot Headquarters where toons must go to complete ToonTasks, defeat cogs, and collect Cogbucks.

The three types of Cashbot mints are very similar except in length. The Coin Mint, the Dollar Mint and the Bullion Mint. With the Coin Mint being the shortest, Dollar Mint being medium length, and Bullion Mint being the longest.



The mints have a large variety of obstacles designed to slow down and/or damage toons. There is a different combination of obstacles placed in each level of a mint.

Toontown Bullion Mint09:41

Toontown Bullion Mint

A runthrough of the Bullion Mint.

The Stomper Room of the mints contains a set of 4-5 stompers that will crash down on toons and take 3-10 laff points.

The Goon Room contains several goons. Goons are moving cogs that shine a spotlight around them, trying to find toon. If a toon walks into their spotlight, they will lose laff points. They can take 3-10 laff points.

The Box stomper room hosts a stomper placed right in front of a box. Toons need to push the box onto the wall to move into the next room, but they must also avoid being stomped by the stomper. Timing and strategy are key to this room

The Spinning gear stack is a stack of spinning gears that move in different directions. Toons must cross the different platforms to move into the next area. Failure to traverse this area will result in the toon starting the room over. No laff points are lost from this room.

The Shover is a conveyor belt with two shovers trying to push toons off of the conveyor belt. Toons that fall off will land in a pit with 2 goons and be forced to start the room over.

Final Boss


The Supervisor, flanked by three level 11 cogs.

The final boss consists of the Supervisor, a level 12 Robber Baron skelecog and 3 other level 11 cogs. After defeating him, you will receive Cogbucks depending on which floor you took and how many cogs you defeated prior to defeating the Supervisor. Unlike the Sellbot Factory, you do not acquire a Cashbot cog suit piece from defeating the Supervisor. Following the battle, you are transported back to the main Cashbot Headquarters building.


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