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Cashbot Mint
Coin Mint
Basic information
Type: Cashbots
Location: Cashbot Headquarters
Number of entrances: 3
Facilities: Coin Mint, Dollar Mint, Bullion Mint
Number of variations: 20 each
Cog information
Minimum cog level: 10
Maximum cog level: 12
Goons: Yes
Special cog(s): Skelecog
Cog boss: Mint supervisor
Laff requirement
Coin Mint: None
Dollar Mint: 66
Bullion Mint: 71
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The Cashbot Mints are cog facilities in Cashbot Headquarters where toons must go to complete ToonTasks, defeat cogs, and collect Cogbucks.

The three types of Cashbot mints are very similar except in length. The Coin Mint, the Dollar Mint and the Bullion Mint, with the Coin Mint being the shortest, Dollar Mint being medium length, and Bullion Mint being the longest.


Rooms and Obstacles

There are 20 floors in each type of mint, yet players have to go through only one. Each floor has rooms in a different order, but should the floor be revisited, the rooms are the same; the difference would be the type of cogs battled as well as the gag barrels present. When filled with sets of cogs, huge shelves stacked with coins, dollars, or bullions (depending on which type of mint) are placed to form paths around the room. Some rooms look very similar to those in the Sellbot Factory.

  • A long rectangular room. This is often filled with Skelecogs, but the Supervisor can have the same room as well.
  • A small rectangular room. Again, either Skelecogs or the Supervisor can be found in this type of room.
  • A large, octagonal-like room bearing similarity to the Lobby but larger. These can be filled with three sets of cogs or the Supervisor.
  • A room with a small walkway in the middle and stairs to the left leading to the next room, looking similar to the Gear Room. This can be filled with either a set of cogs, goons, or the Supervisor.
  • A room split into two paths, looking like the Pipe Room. This can be filled with either four sets of cogs (though one set can be skipped by taking one path), goons, or the Supervisor.
  • A large room with stairs at the far end leading to the raised platform of the room, similarly to the Boiler Room. This can be filled with four sets of cogs (though one is optional), obstacles to form the Big Gear Room, or the Supervisor. If it is filled with cogs as well as the Supervisor, there exists a laff barrel and one random level 6 gag barrel.

The mints have a large variety of obstacles designed to slow down and/or damage toons. There is a different combination of obstacles placed in each level of a mint. All hazard rooms have laff barrels at the end.

Toontown Bullion Mint09:41

Toontown Bullion Mint

A runthrough of the Bullion Mint.

  • The Stomper Room of the mints contains numerous stompers that will crash down on Toons at once and take 8 laff points. The floor is filled with metal boxes except at certain spots, and Toons use this to take shelter from the stompers as they make their way across. Five restock barrels are gathered in a small section of the room and are two laff barrels and three random level 6 gag barrels.
  • There is another Stomper Room where three giant stompers are active but stomp at different intervals. All that awaits are laff barrels.
  • The Lava Room contains three platforms floating on lava. Toons can step onto the platforms, but soon they will start sinking into the lava, losing 8 laff points.
  • The Paint Mixer Room is filled with green paint and moving platforms. Toons use the platforms to get across the paint. Falling into the paint deducts 8 laff points. There are two laff barrels at the exit.
  • The Goon Room contains several goons. Goons are moving cogs that shine a spotlight around them, trying to find toon. If a toon walks into their spotlight, they will lose laff points. They can take 3-10 laff points. Several versions of this room exist,
  • The Box stomper room hosts a stomper placed right in front of a box. Toons need to push the box onto the wall to move into the next room, but they must also avoid being stomped by the stomper. Timing and strategy are key to this room
  • The Spinning gear stack room is a stack of spinning gears that move in different directions. Toons must cross the different platforms to move into the next area. Failure to traverse this area will result in the toon starting the room over. No laff points are lost from this room.
  • The Big Gear Room takes the appearance of the Boiler Room. Players have to go up the stairs and jump platforms onto a giant spinning gear and hop onto more boxes, where a stomper is active. Afterwards, players run along a shelf, another platform, and onto the raised floor where they may go to the next room. Before exiting, there are five barrels; two laff barrels and three random level 6 gag barrels. Additionally, beneath the last platform is another laff barrel.
  • The Shover Room is a conveyor belt with two shovers trying to push toons off of the conveyor belt. Toons that fall off will land in a pit with 2 goons and be forced to start the room over.

Final Boss


The Supervisor, flanked by three level 11 cogs.

The final boss consists of the Supervisor, a level 12 Robber Baron skelecog and 3 other level 11 cogs. After defeating him, you will receive Cogbucks depending on which floor you took and how many cogs you defeated prior to defeating the Supervisor. Unlike the Sellbot Factory, you do not acquire a Cashbot cog suit piece from defeating the Supervisor. Following the battle, you receive gag experience and cogbucks (should your suit be completed) are transported back to the main Cashbot Headquarters building.


  • Unlike the Sellbot Factory, cogs do not move around at all; instead, they stand in a row.
  • Because each floor of the mint is different, the cogbucks yielded at the end will be different. This will also change if not all cogs are defeated.
  • In the Box Stomper Room, despite that Toons are required to push the box in order to advance, it is possible to jump far enough to the ledge without having to push.
    • Also in the same room, it is impossible to go back from this point without jumping on another Toon.
  • All rooms modeled as the Boiler Room have at least two restock barrels: one gag barrel and one laff barrel.
  • In the Big Gear Room, the lone laff barrel at the right corner has a glitch when standing next to it; Pressing ESC to open the Shticker Book to the Options page and closing it again will cause the player to pass through the wall into the gray zone where they can head to the next platform with ease. While this is often taken as a shortcut, it can also cause the player to get stuck.
  • When beginning the Supervisor battle, the Supervisor, like the Foreman, says "I'm the Supervisor." However, when fighting the other three cogs, one says "You need to talk to the Supervisor."


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