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Blizzard Boulevard
Welcome to Blizzard Boulevard! Watch your speed. There might be ice out there.
Race Track: Urban
Maneuver: Hard
Deposit: 400 Tickets
Qualifying time: 8:00:00
Circuit type: Two
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Blizzard Boulevard is a race track in Goofy Speedway. It is an icy, cold race track based on the streets of The Brrrgh. According to Toon tips, Blizzard Boulevard is the most challenging race track in Goofy Speedway.

Ticket Earnings

Number of Toons Position Ticket Earnings
2 Toons Racing
First 600
Second 460
3 Toons Racing
First 800
Second 600
Third 460
4 Toons Racing
First 1600
Second 800
Third 600
Fourth 460


  • The highest speeds can be achieved on this track, due to low friction from the ice.