Bear Acuda
Bear acuda animation
Varieties: 8 Fish Varieties
Lightest Weight: 10 lbs
Heaviest Weight: 20 lbs
General locations
The Brrrgh
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Bear Acudas are some of the rarest fish. They weigh 10+ pounds, and can only be caught in The Brrrgh with at least the Hardwood Rod in hand. Bear Acudas have a family of 8 fish varieties.

Types and Places to Catch

  • Brown Bear Acuda - 10-18 lbs - Common - The Brrrgh
  • Black Bear Acuda - 10-18 lbs - Common - The Brrrgh
  • Koala Bear Acuda - 10-18 lbs - Common - The Brrrgh
  • Honey Bear Acuda - 10-18 lbs - Rare - The Brrrgh
  • Polar Bear Acuda - 12-20 lbs - Rare - The Brrrgh
  • Panda Bear Acuda - 14-20 lbs - Very Rare - The Brrrgh
  • Kodiac Bear Acuda - 14-20 lbs - Very Rare - The Brrrgh - Sleet Street
  • Grizzly Bear Acuda - 16-20 lbs - Ultra Rare - Walrus Way

Trading card

Bear Acuda
Some Toons can't bear catching the Bear Acuda - they say it's bar-bearic. However, bear in mind the bear facts: the Bear Acuda loves jellybeans almost as much as picnic baskets. Give him his favorite flower (straw-beary), and he'll give you a big bear hug, and sing you a song - he's a bear-itone. If you still think catching them is bar-bearic, you'll have to grin and bear it.


  • This fish species has the most fish varieties, containing 8 different types.
  • Bear Acudas, along with Sea Horses, look more like land animals in snorkels and flippers.
  • The Bear Acuda family is the only fish family not to have a basic species (Bear Acuda)
  • The subspecies names resemble real life bear species.
    • Technically, koala bears are not bears; they are actually marsupials.
    • Panda bears are not bears either; they are more closely related to raccoons.
  • Bear Acudas appear in Treasure Dive.

Origin of Name

Its name is a parody of barracuda, a type of large fish.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French
ES Spanish Pez oso[1]
D German
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese
Japan Japanese

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