Bear is a toon species. Unlike other toon species, the bear species can only be created if the player's account is a member, sharing this trait with the horse and monkey species. Bears were released on December 9, 2005 on both Test and Open servers.[1]

Bears, when talking, make a growling sound. If a word not in the Toontown dictionary is used through the SpeedChat Plus option (assuming the player does not have the true friend option on), or other toons who do not have SpeedChat Plus, the word will be "censored" by "grr" or "growl." If an exclamatory phrase is used, the bear will create a harsh, loud, growling sound.

Head design

Bears have four different head styles that can be used to create a toon through the Create-A-Toon process.

Notable bears

Bumpy Bumblebehr

Bumpy Bumblebehr

Notable non-playable bears, other than those who give out Toontasks, include: Bumpy Bumblebehr, Paula Behr, and party planners Penelope and Preston.

For a full list, see Category:Bears.


One word
Two words
Multiple words


  • When a bear uses an angry emotion, the sound effect that is used is identical to the sound effect used when a bear uses an exclamatory phrase.
  • During the Toon Species election, the bear's main slogan was "Be a honey, vote Bear!"
    • An alternative slogan for the bear, "If you care, you'll vote for Bear!" could be seen on the Toontown Times website next to the pin icon used for voting Bear.

In other languages

Language Name
FR French Ours
ES Spanish ???
D German Bär
BRZ Brazilian Portuguese ???
Japan Japanese ???



Toon Species
Free access CatDogDuckMousePigRabbit
Members only BearHorseMonkey
Unreleased ChickenCowGoat

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