Airborne Acres
Welcome to Airborne Acres! Hold onto your hats! It looks bumpy up ahead...
Race Track: Rural
Maneuver: Medium
Deposit: 150 Tickets
Qualifying time: 8:00:00
Circuit type: Two
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Airborne Acres is a race track in Goofy Speedway. It is the most difficult track of the "Rural" area and has the most hills of any of the tracks at the speedway. Toons can get a lot of "air" while racing here, hence the name.

Ticket Earnings

Number of Toons Position Ticket Earnings
2 Toons Racing
First 225
Second 172
3 Toons Racing
First 300
Second 225
Third 172
4 Toons Racing
First 700
Second 300
Third 225
Fourth 172

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