500 To Go

A "500 to Go!" bar.

500 to Go! is the skill points meter that shows how many experience points are needed until a toon can receive another level 7 gag. At the end of a battle, if the meter is at "0 To Go" and the toon does not have a level 7 gag of that track, they will be given one and the meter will be reset to 500.

If the toon lost to a battle but has a gag track that is at "0 To Go", if the toon encounters a cog and wins, the toon will receive the gag track(s) already at "0 To Go", whether or not they used a gag in that gag track.

To gain this title for a gag track, a toon must complete the gag track by earning 10,000 total experience points. After obtaining this title, the toon will also earn a level 7 gag for that track.

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